July 2010

Now everyone can get in on the action…

The Cat in the Hat with Zombies

On my way to breakfast this morning, I passed this tiny little boat with an oversized Corvette engine slapped on top. Amusing enough, and that was before I noticed what was on the passenger side of the dash…

Hang on

In honor of the spy exchange in Vienna over the weekend, I was re-watching The 3rd Man. Somewhere in the middle, I realized that the man playing the lowly assistant to the detective was Bernard Lee, who went on to play M, the head of the British secret service (James Bond’s boss). My first thought was, “He’s done well for himself,” by which I meant his promotion.

The truth is, they’re both bit parts (in fact, his role in The 3rd Man is somewhat larger than his Bond appearances), but for some Martin Sheen: from lowly captain in one of the best movies ever made, all they way up to TV President!
Martin Sheen’s rise from Vietnam-era
captain to President of the United States: the
stuff that(John Kerry’s) dreams are made of.
reason I associate his rise in fictional rank with some sort of real-world success. Take for example our forty-third President Martin Sheen. Or four-time General (and occasional private eye) Stacy Keach. These are powerful men. Especially compared to slackers like Marlon Brando, who never rose past Colonel. Or Humphrey Bogart, a Captain at best. And what about that Johnny Depp? He has yet to amount to anything…

Avatar is set to return to IMAX for a two-week re-run starting August 27, 2010 (with eight whole minutes of additional footage!)Avatar: back in theaters August 27th.
back in theaters August 27th.
While I won’t call it the most intellectually challenging movie of all time, I enjoyed Avatar the way I do a good rollercoaster, and I’m looking forward to one last ride. Moreso, I’m looking forward to laying eyes on those hot aliens again. A combination of super models and cats, James Cameron gives us the most irresistible combo since peanut butter cups.

He wasn’t the first one with that idea, though. In fact, the Na’vi are just the latest in a long line of cat-themed sexys:

A movie about a Serbian-born fashion designer who transforms into a black panther. Prrrrrr.
Cat People 1942.
Adam West’s Batman gets a new adversary: a sexy woman who dresses like a cat, ties him up, and flirts with him.
¡Átame, Cat Woman!
Hanna-Barbera brings the comic book characters Josie and the Pussycats to life on Saturday mornings, giving many young boys new, unfamiliar stirrings.
Josie and her pussycats.
Marvel introduces Tigra, designed to have ‘special appeal to girls.’ Yeah, okay. Them, too.
Nastassja Kinski remakes Cat People, adding much-needed nudity.
Nastassja Kinski
Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman bump the fur in a TV version of Beauty and the Beast.
Beauty and the Beast (TV series)
William Shatner’s poorly-conceived Star Trek movie introduced this unlikely creature: the tri-breasted cat-woman from Nimbus III. (wish I were kidding)
the tri-breasted cat-woman from Nimbus III
Teenagers around the globe touch themselves to the digitally-created, perfect figure of Neytiri in James Cameron’s Avatar.
Mmmm. Neytiri.

There’ll be a total solar eclipse over the south Pacific Ocean this Sunday, a rare event. For those who forgot to charter a boat, check out this amazing stop-motion video taken in 2007 by a NASA satellite:

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