Like so many fellow Obamacrats, I recently watched with astonishment as a newly-announced Vice Presidential candidate spoke for the first time. A choice so perfectly attention-grabbing, so charismatic, and so cut-throat that I immediately knew that the tone of the election had taken a dramatic turn. I am speaking, of course, about Joe Biden.

But starting three days later, and ever since then, I’ve barely heard a word about Joe. And why? Because there’s a new mouthpiece for the McCaincans, someone more unqualified than Dan Quayle, someone with a weaker grasp of foreign policy than George W. Bush, someone with less federal government experience than I received in my sixth-grade field trip to Washington DC.

And the world can’t shut up about her.

Joe Biden was the 5th youngest senator in U.S. history when he took office. Joe Biden has thirty-six consecutive years of service in the Senate. The principal job of the VP, by the way, is to preside over the Senate. Joe Biden is the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, and the former chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Joe Biden led the creation of the Violence Against Women Act—led, not just participated in or voted for. In short, Joe Biden is a senatoral bad-ass, and pretty much the best candidate either party has to offer. He is, by himself, a fair match for John McCain. And yet, Joe Biden is apparently less-qualified for the role of Vice President then his Republican counterpart.

So what does this small town mayor-turned-governor of the country’s least populated state have to offer that Joe Biden doesn’t? For one, the ability to make headlines every single day. And to be on the tip of every single voter’s tongue, pretty much all day. This woman is winning the war of the press, she is choking out Obama and Biden and she’s going to continue to do so until you—yes, you, you stupid democrat—stop allowing her to.

There’s no such thing as bad press. This goes for the print media, the blogs, and what people talk about over drinks or dinner. And every day, Sarah Palin creates new ways to for you to talk smack about her, to discuss—endlessly—her shortcomings. And every day that is what you do. It’s all you do. You don’t talk about Obama, you don’t talk about Biden. You talk about Palin. You keep her in the center of attention. You are fueling her fire, elevating her into office.

I ask you, why not just change the conversation every time someone brings the woman up? Why not absolutely refuse to talk about her. As far as candidates go, she’s not worth talking about. So why are you?

Is it that the above facts about Joe Biden too much like C-Span when you’d rather be watching the “E!” nightly update? If so, you can’t blame Mrs. Palin if she sashays her wildly unqualified ass to the Senate chamber’s throne, dragging good’ole “thumbs-up” McCain along with her. After all, she’s just doing what works.

And you’re the one who’s letting her.