So as this amazing day winds down, and the book ranking slowly drifts off with the setting sun, I am both stunned and overjoyed. I appreciate so much that so many of you bought the book, spread the word, and even checked in to encourage me throughout the day. I really couldn’t have asked for more; this day has exceeded all expectations.

Now comes the lull. The books will be shipped, arriving to most of you on Tuesday. Many will start reading it then, many will wait. I will go home now and pick up the fragments of my life (and my room), catch up on a half-year’s sleep, and, over the next few months, ease into the idea of starting all over again. Somewhere in that time, most of you will let me know (and hopefully Amazon) what you think of the book. It is my hope that every one of you will enjoy it, and that at least a few of you truly love it. The least I can do, by way of thanks, is to provide you with a few days of pleasurable reading.

I know it will be some time before I see another day like today. In the coming months, some of you may have enough enthusiasm for the book to make a big impact on its life. But the enthusiasm that all of you have shown today–that which got The Deadfall Project into the spotlight and kept it there all afternoon–has had an impact on me personally that is beyond expression.

Thank you all so very much,