Brett James - Irritating since 1969.

So, I suppose if you have actually clicked here, you are trying to figure out something about me. Well, I'm happy to share if you're foolish enough to listen.
I'm going to presume that you have some professional reason to know all this and don't really give a crap about me in personally, so I'll cut to the chase:

Brett Timeline - Film
1969 - born Johnson City Hospital, which is part of the Binghamton, NY area. An area god smote shortly thereafter; connection unproven.
1991 - Graduated from what was probably the most useless education experience ever.
1994 - Cornered Rob Humphreys into helping him make his first film, Ever. Details are here.
1996 - Cornered Rob Humphreys into helping him make his first feature, Cold War. Trailer is here.
1999 - Cornered Rob Humphreys into starring in a short of his, Pica. Details and trailer are here.
2000 - Ditched by Rob Humphreys at the old covered bridge, made The Magic Day with Kyle Kannenberg. Trailer is now here.
2001 - Completed An Evening with the Quintains, starring Kyle Kannenberg. See it here.
2001 - Completed Talk Listen Door with Walter Barry and Neil Howard. See it here.

Future additions to the timeline:
2002 - Dating for the Masses
2002 - French Action Movie
2003 - The House (feature)
Other Brett points of Interest:
1998 - Made a bunch of videos for playing behind the Mayflies USA. Not to be confused with stand alone music videos, but interesting none the less. You can see them here.
1998 - Prepared and mixed down a demo CD for Joe Williams the brilliant. You can download it here.

Brett FAQ
3) Do I write my own scripts?
4) Do I direct other people's scripts?
4.42) Why am I angry.
    no comment.
5) Do I have a problem with authority?
5.55) What do I look like?
    I haven't looked like this since I moved to San Francisco.
6) Why should you care about any of this?
    beats me.