Big Rig Jig - Coachella

     Like waking up from a hangover, installing the BRJ at Coachella was a lot of wondering what the hell we had been thinking. But, of course, building the thing had been such a sleep-depriving task that we had stopped thinking long before we hit the desert.
     Even after a week of rebuilding in the American Steel building—including completely re-polishing and re-sealing the tanks—we still ran into problems at every turn. Some parts were so difficult to re-assemble that I would have sworn they didn't actually go together. At one point, just to get a bolt in, Heather had to crawl onto the fake axles some thirty feet in the air and operate a thirty-pound pneumatic wrench at the full extension of her arm.
     So no, things twice done are not necessarily better done.

     This was also my last time out with Judge Cal, making it a bittersweet memory. For better or for worse, I spent a fair amount of the time feeling guilty about our rambunctious behavior on his birthday.