After two years of what…? Lolly gagging around around…? I’m finally releasing a new novel, Tangent. And it’s not even that long a novel.

Nevertheless, Tangent might be the best thing I’ve ever written and, if you’re following this blog, you might find that a little exciting. I won’t try to oversell you; just click on the cover below to learn more.

Tangent by Brett James

$10, domestic shipping inclusive.

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All paperback copies are handmade by yours truly, and the first hundred are numbered. The official release date is January 9th, but waiting until then will _not_ get you one of the aforementioned copies.

I just released a new short story to brighten up your Monday (or whenever you read this). Read it on :

The World Builder by Brett James

The World Builder
a new short story by Brett James

Life on Mars.

Most Thai natives speak English, which makes travel here In Phuket, a Thai Tailor beckons from every doorway.
A pleasure to make your greeting, sir.
You do look very English, indeed.
very easy. However, as with any second language, there are a plenty of commonly misused terms. For example, Thailanders will often say ‘sorry’ when ‘excuse me’ would be more appropriate (e.g. “Sorry, your table is ready.”) But most of the mistakes are simple ones, and it doesn’t take long to tune your ear to hear what they really mean to say.

I’ll just get you started with a few examples:

What they say: What they mean:
Hello. Come shop in my store.
Where are you from? Please buy a suit from me.
Where are you going? You want tuk-tuk?
You English? You rich?
You have girlfriend? You want girlfriend?
Really? You don’t have girlfriend? I am available, just ask.
How long are you staying? You should move here, buy a house, and marry me.
Boom boom on the beach? Come have sex with me somewhere really dark, just in case I’m a guy.
From Minutemen to Marines,
from CIA black to Ranger green,
and so many men and women in between,
army tanks and navy ships,
in the skies above or ocean deep,
it is our peace that you keep,
and because you laid it on the line,
time after countless time,
I thank you for the freedom I’ve seen.

Memorial Day 2010.

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