Wanderlust 2009

     This was Wanderlust's first year, and they hired Rosanna to bring in some of her art, as well as to present “work” in the form of creating their logo out of metal—which we were to do in front of the attendees, as part of the festival's night time entertainment. So it was that I flew back to California in the middle of the Temple build to spent a week in Squaw Valley.
     It was the kind of festival every artist dreams of. The accommodations were insane, the location and the weather perfect, the crew small and tight-knit. The work was easy, and left plenty of time to hike in the mountains or enjoy the fathomless hospitality of our hosts (which included all-access to the VIP areas.) Even the dry duty of monitoring our propane torches at night was alleviated by a perfectly located patio-bar, which just happened to have the only cheap beer in the whole resort.
     In other words, this was a once in a lifetime experience.