Here’s a quick round up of angering things from around The World of News:

It seems like it should be funny, but it’s not: The United States Army asks dead soldiers to sign up for another hitch.

Toyota develops a feature only parents will love: A car that detects if you’re drunk and shuts off. Of course, it can only be a manner of time before the government starts requiring these in cars. My libertarian inner-child is twisted into a knot over the potential for yet more regulation.

More things to fear North Korea for: Seems that beyond their nuclear ambitions, they are developing an arsonal of chemical weapons. Generally speaking, these are not the guys you wanna get stuck with in the lunch line. Maybe Bush was right about them after all. But if so, why did we invade Iraq instead?

The cold war is over, but that’s not stopping the Russians from attacking us from space. But, of course, it was just an accident. And, incidentally, looks like we’ve attacked the Japanese, by ramming one of their tankers with a sub.

Looks like Castle Bran, the castle oft-rumored to have been the home of Vlad the Impaler (a.k.a Count Dracula) is up for sale. Post-communist Romania returned it to the descendent of the last rightful owner, who is now a graphic designer in the United States. But I guess he’s thinking the seventy-seven million dollars the castle is set to fetch would be a little more lucrative than heating a 57-room medieval castle “getaway” every winter.

Lastly, it’s going to be Roswell all over again, with United Airlines and the U.S. Government denying what seems to be an incredibly valid UFO sighting over Chicago O’Hare. Of course, it was only United Airlines employees who saw it, and since they did trademark “The Friendly Skies™”, maybe other airlines have kept quiet from fear of copyright infringement.