Oct 25-27      Los Angeles
Oct 28-29      San Francisco
Oct 30-Dec 2      New York City
Dec 3-8      Concord, NH
Dec 8-9      Boston
Dec 10-16      New York City
Dec 17-20      Washington, D.C.
Dec 21-31      Chapel Hill, NC
Jan 1-20      Los Angeles
Jan 21-Feb 8      San Francisco
Feb 8-15      Los Angeles
Feb 16-20      San Francisco
Feb 20-25      Los Angeles
Feb 26-Mar 4      Seattle
Mar 5-18      Los Angeles
Mar 19-24      London
Mar 25-Apr 1      Amsterdam
Apr 1-May 1      Italy
May 2-13      Los Angeles
May 14-Jun 11      New York City
Jun 12-21      Road Trip: NYC–>LA
Jun 22-Jul 11      Los Angeles
Jul 12-15      Chicago
Jul 15-24      Road Trip: California
Jul 24-Aug 4      New York City
Aug 4-9      Seattle
Aug 9-14      Road Trip: Washington State
Aug 15-Sep 2      Black Rock City
Sep 3-13      Seattle
Sep 15-27      Rotterdam/Amsterdam/ADM: Robodock
Stayed at the Hotel Aero 80e, near all the touristy stuff, nice room, gay themed.
Sep 28-Oct 1      Brussels
Stayed at Hotel Sabina 60e after some negotiation. In the business district, which was unnecessary. But near the train station. Room pretty small.
Oct 2-5      Munich
Stayed at Penision Flora. It was cheap, at least. Really freaking noisy. Octoberfest crowd.
Oct 6-7      Zurich
Stayed at Hotel Otter, 90SF. Very cool, themed rooms, great bar.
Oct 8-10      Zermatt
Stayed at Hotel Post. 98SF, which was an off-season bargain. Great fucking hotel.
Oct 10-13      Lugano
Stayed at Albergo Ginervra. 95SF, small, but convenient.
Oct 14-16      Vienna
Stayed at Penision Dr. Geissler 43€. Small and convenient. Nice.
Oct 16-20      Berlin
Stayed at Hotel Schoneberg. 50-60e You must bargain with these people, or it's about 85e. Not really near anything, but curious neighborhood. Nice room.
Oct 21-26      Lisbon
Stayed at Hotel Suisso Atlantico. 40e, room 501! small room, but okay. Really bad coffee! Great view.
Oct 27-Nov 1      Berlin
Stayed at Hotel East Side 55e. Got that rate as a bargain (nethotels.com). As close as you can get to RAW and still have a shower. Actually really nice hotel.

Stayed at NH Berlin Nice 4star, got in at that last minute at 66e. Kinda out of the way, really nice
Nov 2-7      Milan
Nov 7-9      Lipari
Tried to stay at Hotel Diana Brown, ended up at Hotel Maria (sister-in-law). Pretty nice, great view and patio. Best part of that town.
Nov 10-11      Stromboli
Stayed at Albergo Ossidiana, 96€. Only place open this far off season. Very freaking nice.
Nov 12-14      Rome
Stayed at Hotel De Artiste. 44e; Very near Termini and other stuff. Really noisy and annex really spare. Never again with Annex. Internet free.
Nov 15-23      New York City
Nov 24-Dec 11      Los Angeles
Dec 11-21      Seattle (and road trip)
Dec 21-29      Chapel Hill, NC
Dec 30-Jan 4      Atlanta
Jan 5      New York City
Jan 8-Feb 3      Los Angeles
Feb 4-15      San Francisco
Feb 16-Mar 3      Los Angeles
Mar 5-7      New York City
Mar 8-Apr 22      Los Angeles
Apr 23-28      Oakland, CA
Apr 29-May 3      Coachella
May 4-25      Los Angeles
May 26-Jun 10      San Francisco
Jun 10-16      Los Angeles
Jun 17-24      Chapel Hill, NC
Jun 25-30      Los Angeles
Jul 1-9      New York City
Jul 9-12      Chicago
Jul 13-Aug 13      Los Angeles
Aug 14-Sep 15      New York City
Sep 16-28      Amsterdam
Sep 28-Oct 3      Paris
Stayed at Hotel Sejour - Excellent location, crazy people, inexpensive (40E)
Oct 3-6      Figeac
Stayed at Hotel Champollion. Awesome, great rooms, cheap (35E), bar downstairs, good food
Oct 6-9      Marseille
Stayed at New Hotel Select. Generic, near train station. Got a good deal, but still was screwed on breakfast. Could do better next time.
Oct 9-11      Geneva
Stayed at Hotel Central. Amazing balcony, cheap for Geneva standards.Great location, crazy in-room service.
Oct 12      Amsterdam
Oct 13-14      Utrect
Stayed at The little Thai hotel. Terrible location, but good built-in Thai restaurant. Crazy stairs leading up to small rooms, but cheap and nice.
Oct 14-Nov 7      New York City
Nov 8-12      Concord, NH
Nov 13-23      New York City
Nov 24-29      Owego, NY
Nov 29-Dec 23      New York City
Dec 23-29      Chapel Hill, NC
Dec 29-Jan 2      New York City
Jan 3-16      Concord, NH
Jan 17-24      Boston
Jan 25-Feb 18      New York City
Feb 18-28      Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Feb 28-Mar 2      New York City
Mar 3-19      Boston
Mar 19-22      Owego, NY
Mar 22-26      Boston
Mar 26-30      Concord, NH
Mar 31-Apr 8      New York City
Apr 9-13      Concord, NH
Apr 14      Burlington, VT
Apr 15      Montreal
Apr 16      White Mountains, NH
Apr 17-20      Concord, NH
Apr 21      New York City
Apr 22-May 20      Washington, D.C.
May 21-30      Chapel Hill, NC
May 31-Jun 1      New York City
Jun 1-3      Los Angeles
Jun 4-18      San Francisco
Jun 19      Morro Bay
Hotel: Villager, excellent rate, very clean, 800-444-0782
Jun 20-Aug 2      Los Angeles
Aug 3-11      San Francisco
Aug 11-19      LA->LV->LA->SF
Aug 20      Roseburg, OR
Aug 21-30      Seattle
Aug 31-Sep 2      New York City
Sep 3-16      Zagreb, Croatia
Leslie and I stayed first at the expensive ($40) Galija in Crikvenica, which was nice with nice balcony
Then down below Zadar, we stayed with some folks, basically, who charged us $40 for a nice room.

Sep 17-27      Robodock (Amsterdam)
Last night stayed in Hotel Manofa. Right on the main drag, shitty, small, broken bathroom. Expensive at $60, but it did come with a decent breakfast.
Sep 28-Oct 1      Copenhagen
Stayed in Cab Inn, Scandinavia. Kinda remote, but cheap for that part of the world. Free internet. Interesting use of space. Small beds 575k
Oct 2-6      Projus, Sweden
Stayed at the Northern Lights in there, or whatever Patricia's place was. 150k a night. And she fed me.
Oct 6-8      Narwik, Norway
Oct 8-9      Sortland, Norway
Stayed in the Hotel Strand, reasonable for what it is, right near bus station, probably as near as it gets to boat. Free internet. 625k
Oct 9-10      Coastal ferry (Norway)
Hurtigruten Ferry, nice, found secret lower front 'bar' late at night, but clean and comfortable. 425k for passage, nice run with view of glaciers
Oct 10-11      Bodo, Norway
Stayed at Bodo Hotel, probably as cheap as it gets there at 650k. Unbeleivable good breakfast.
Oct 11-14      Oslo
Stayed at City Hotel, small rooms but inexpesive for Oslo. 390k. Breakfast kinda sucky.
Oct 15      Frankfurt
Oct 16-20      Prague
first stayed at the King George. Close to the action (too close), very nice room but expensive 2350Kc
Then moved across the street at some other place, just as expensive and less nice. Don't want to be that central again, too crowded.

Oct 20-23      Budapest
Stayed at the Hotel Charles, not that cheap, very out of the way, incredibly noisy. 13,000 CK a night.
Oct 23-24      Vienna
Stayed at the Hotel Am Augarten, a nice place I got fairly cheaply for what it usually is. 50e. And not too far away from everything
Oct 25-Nov 4      New York City
Nov 4-16      Concord, NH
Nov 16-21      New York City
Nov 21-23      Washington, D.C.
Nov 23-29      Chapel Hill, NC
Nov 29-Dec 8      Seattle
Dec 9-11      Los Angeles
Dec 12-14      Seattle
Dec 14-22      Disney World
Dec 22-26      Chapel Hill, NC
Dec 26-29      Washington, D.C.
Dec 30-Jan 4      New York City
Jan 5-15      Key West
Jan 16-25      Chapel Hill, NC
Jan 26-30      New York City
Jan 31-Feb 2      Washington, D.C.
Feb 2-14      Chapel Hill, NC
Feb 14-Mar 8      Los Angeles
Mar 9-26      San Francisco
Mar 27-Apr 21      Los Angeles
Apr 22-May 1      San Francisco
May 2-15      Los Angeles
May 16-18      Death Valley
May 19-Jun 7      Los Angeles
Jun 8-11      Old Forge, NY
Jun 11-28      New York City
Jul 10-19      Concord, NH
Jul 20-30      Chapel Hill, NC
Jul 31-Aug 2      Old Forge, NY
Aug 3-28      Los Angeles
Aug 29-Sep 15      Road Trip: LA to NY
Sep 15-30      NYC and NJ
Oct 1-16      Los Angeles
Oct 17-21      Hudson, FL
Oct 21-22      Seattle
Oct 23-25      Motorcycling: Seattle to S.F.
Oct 25-29      San Francisco
Oct 30      Motorcycling: S.F. –> L.A.
Oct 31-Nov 20      Los Angeles
Nov 21      Tom’s River, NJ
Nov 22-23      New York City
Nov 23-24      Westfield, NJ
Nov 25-Dec 24      Los Angeles
Dec 25-31      Chapel Hill, NC
Dec 31-Jan 1      Phoenix, AZ
Jan 1-16      Los Angeles
Jan 16-22      San Francisco
Jan 23-24      Los Angeles
Jan 25-28      New York City
Jan 29-Feb 5      Los Angeles
Feb 6-27      Beijing
The first place I stayed was the Lu Song Yuan hotel, at 300Y ($39, ). It was super clean and nice, built in a traditional style, but everything was well done. Had HBO, when it happened to work. Very central and an excellent breakfast with unlimited coffee to start the day. The beds here were hard as hell, and meant to be that way, as they were brand new. I was in a little cubby, but I could stretch out. I had to keep a pillow under my hip when sleeping on my side. The staff was nice, if not disinterested.

The second place I stayed was the Downtown Backpacker's hotel. It cost me 130y for a single, around sixteen bucks. It was much more of a hostel, the room was beat up, the headboard greasy, everything was both cheaply made and beat up.
But, the place is much better set up for my interests, with organized hikes to the great wall, and a very helpful staff. As central as the other, just around the corner, really. The Breakfast was free, but only the Chinese breakfast, not often offered, was any good. Coffee cost extra and wasn't very good. The bed was a double and old enough to be tolerably soft.

Downtown Backpacker's
No. 85 Nan Lou Gu Alley, Jiao Dao Kou
Dong Cheng District, Beijing 100009

Good places to shop are:
Tommy and Jimmy Tong: nearly thrift store prices and a similar expererience, but everything is new. They seem to go through stock fast, after fifteen days, they had a brand new bunch of stuff I had to have. Mostly frustrating that it's hard to find the right size. There are two locations right near each other. The first, smaller one can be found just to the east of the northeast exit of the Yonganli subway station (north side of Jianguo menwai Dajie). The other one is around the corner on Dondaquiao Lu, just north of Jianguo menwai Dajie, east side of street.
-From there, head up to the huge TV screen at The Place.

JD. HJ-Collection. There are two locations, but the big one is the good one, but to get there you have to go out to Yuquanlu subway station, then head back east along Fuxing Lu. It's number 38.9, on the south side of the street.

Good places to have coffee: Xian Xio's, Passby Bar, En Attendant Godot, and Boheme. Bookworm good, further out (don't eat the shitty, overpriced food)
Good places to eat: Passby Bar (Pizza), Drum and Gong Fusion (cheap, amazing Chinese), Passby Restaurant (see what amazingness $20 will get you), super hot sichuan at Banguo Buyi. Good Peking duck experience at Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant.

Feb 28-Mar 10      Shanghai
Stayed at the Feng Ye Super 8, which was a blast to stay there. Very strange room, though, with the back window opening into the hall. This place was cheap for Shanghai, only about 160Y a night, clean, and as comfortable as a windowless room with a stiff bed could be. They didn't really speak any English, booked them through a website. The location was very near a subway, but this particular line shuts down just before ten, and it takes three subways to get to the French concession. A good coffee house was just aorund the corner, too. But this is the Hong Kou district, so you have to have a little Mandarin to get by.

I think I would rather be in the French Concession next time, but I would have to have more money to spend. All my favorite places were there. But even the cheapest hotels there were $50 a night, so it's still notable cheaper to just take a cab there and back.

Oh,got a card for a danish kid for a hoste: Hiker Youth Hostel. 021-63297889, No 450 Middle Jianxi Rd.

Feng Ye Super 8
No. 277 Da Lian Lu
Hong Kou District, Shanghai

Good places to eat were:
Di Shui Dong, very spicy food, freaking awesome. As were the deserts.
YIn - old school, and delicious.
Shintori Null II - A treat, for sure, but worth it. Japanese style.

Figaro Coffee near the UME movie theaters. Good in the evening.
People 6 or People 7, in the afternoons. Pricy, but nice place. They have good snacks, too.

Judy's Blue Bar on Dunghu road. Everyone is friendly, especially Jinjin. Cats are Mimi and Leilei

Century Mart near the stadium (and tourist bus station)
Spin: Amazing new-style pottery and flatware.

Mar 10-17      Hong Kong
Stayed at the Alisan Guest hotel, which was certainly central, if not a little strange. It's in The Causway Bay section of Hong Kong, right near a subway, in a pretty Chinese neighborhood. It was cheap by HK prices, coming in at $2100HK for seven days. But what I got, oh boy. It was this small room in the center of one of those decaying buildings. I had no window. In fact, I had no idea there was any windows around at all until I got a peek at them making up the room next to mine, a double with a view of the harbor. I'll never forget how when the lady brought me in, she showed me the fan that led to an air duct and made fun of how "the law" required them to install it and them to tell me to run it when I'm in the room. Silly Law. I might try a different place if I ever return to Hong Kong, but this was more than satisfactory. The beds were about three inches of foam, which was sweet releif to the standard Chinese bed. They also had wireless I could mostly reach from my room, as well as a free terminal in the lobby and coffee in the morning should I want it. Leave it to the cheap places to hit you with all the free amenities.

Alison Guest House
Flat A, Hoitoto Ct.
275 Gloucester Rd

I didn't have much luck with the food. It could be that I didn't have the proper guide book, but more than likely it was just everything was so much more expensive in HK that I balked at most of the places.

Good places to eat were:
The one place I got from the book was Beijing Shui Jiao Wong, which was cheap, but hit or miss. I first got the pork and cabbage dumplings, which were awful. Had much better look with the Pork and chive dumplings, as well as the fried noodles with shredded chicken. Basically, this is a really depressing example of how little you get for your money in Hong Kong compared with Beijing.

I found this one place, Taiwan Kitchen, Wan Chai Rd @ Tak Yan St. Cool entry and good food. I particularly liked the Salt and Pepper chicken, though it was completely different both times I ordered it. I think the first time they gave me some other dish, a fried chicken breast. I'd love to know what it is, it was the best they had.

The real treat here is those places on the street where you get the egg balls,which is basically waffle batter shaped into a grid of eggs you can break off to eat. Damn, can't get enough.
Also, you can actually order the street food, because everyone speaks english.

Habitu, which I gather is a small joint related to an upscale one. But they had good coffee, good air conditioning, and a great Parma Ham Pannini I ate for almost every breakfast. They also had free-wifi, which is somewhat of a rarity around there. It was where Hennesey Rd meets Queensway. Didn't like their pizza, though they seem proud of it.

Pacific Coffee Company. Really just a local starbucks clone, but what the heck. They're everywhere. There's a really great one in the peak building, and in Kowloon on the far side of the walk of stars. Good views without anymore expense. Of course, you have to fight for the good seating.

I went to one place, Mon Amis but quickly decided I didn't like the company and I didn't liek the markup. So from then on out, any drinking after dinner I did in the room, watching TV.

The nice thing about HK is access to things I didn't have in china, like a wide selections of books. The best bookstore, though I didn't go to many, seemed to be Dymocks in the IFC mall.

I bought some books at "Page One", which was decent.

There was a great stationary store in the back of a mall in the Central area. That's where I got all the japanese notebooks. Unfortunately, I never found it again.

The theater in the Pacific Place was nice, not too expensive and had pretty current movies, almost all of which were in English with subtitles.

Found a great hike:
Coming down the walk way from the peak viewing station the one that starts outside the lower floor (P2) bathroom. Follow the paved path down until just before you hit the roads. To your left is a little park, just a bunch of benches under a floating roof. At the far side of the park, the trail begins. Don't for get to keep going up the steep, steep steps.

Mar 17-22      Macau
I stayed at the Macau Masters Hotel, which was at the far end of the shopping district from the Casinos. Not too expensive, but it wasn't until after I booked it that I realized I spent about $70 for the Saturday night. But only $44 the other nights. But I could book this online, and the places in the guide didn't speak much English. And since it's Cantonese, no one in Beijing could help me, either.

The place was nice, if generic. The bed was stiff, as usual. But the crazy thing is how the locals would argue and scream all night and every morning. The downside, I think, to getting a local place. Also, the cafeteria didn't appeal. It was called the Bayview cafe, but it was just a shittly little place in the middle of the lobby with no view whatsoever.

I think I might consider staying out in Caloana if I ever return. I ran into a Danish guy who was in a Hostel out there. It's pretty far out, but it's the only part of all of Macau that manages to offer the peace and quiet one expected to find there. Of course, it's only a tiny, tiny strip of it. But they do have Mud Skippers, of which seeing has been a goal since I wrote a paper on them in grade school.

Macau Masters Hotel: 28-937572, 162 Rua Das Lorchas. Booked through hoteltravel.com.

I had a little more luck with the food than I did in Hong Kong.

O Cafe Estalagem is awesome. It's directly across in Taipa on the 26 bus, yellow outside. I did lunch there twice, a prix fix at $80P. Expensive, but not overpriced The Merange is to die for.

Ko Lung Thai is a little hard to find, but worth it all the way. This would be a rip-off in the mainland, but was bargain central in Macau. I liked the fried noodles with chicken.

Caravela was a huge disappointment. Decent cup of coffee, but the shitty attitude kind of destroys it. The ham sandwich is amazing, but I tried the steak and egg and hated it.

Down in Caloane, there's this place Lord Stows Bakery. The egg tarts, which I first got hot out of the over, are to kill for. I tried their garden cafe and got a sparing, but decent, roast beef sandwich. And a decent latte. It's not worth it, but if you're already there, it will do the trick.

Oddly, the Wanton soup I got at the Ferry Terminal on my way out was one of the best meals I had there. Pretty damn awesome shrimp.

They have a couple waffle places, but the one open late ignored me for a while, taking any chinese customer that showed up. That takes the edge off the flavor.

Don't bother with the special cookies they sell there, unless dry and sandy appeal to you. The wafer crackers don't offer much more. I didn't try the damn creepy looking pork jerky after that.

Caravela and Lord Stows Garden Cafe, as mentioned.

Tried singing bean coffee, the food wasn't bad, but expensive and they got my order wrong. The coffee is fine, but they don't open until late. Frankly, Starbucks was the best coffee option.

This was also a drink at home sorta place.

I had to repair my abused luggage, which was a daunting task, but I found a hardware store that had three generations and the daughter had learned english from a univerity. I got the gyst of what i wanted, and had fun making the repair.

I also found more of the Japanese notebooks I loved, in the one size I wanted, plus two others. My luggage was overweight thanks to all of this. I got to be the only freak carrying 8 kilos of collected stationary around China.

The only place that seems to have movies at all was the Macau Tower Cinema. They had one movie, Ghost Rider, playing until April six. Translation: the movie situation sucks.

Climbing up in the Cemetary in Caloana is a must. Just about everything else is a do it just because there's nothing better to do thing.
Mar 22-26      Xi’an
Directions to the Terra Cotta Soldiers

Head to the south gate, cross the street. Bus 603 stops right there. Itís a double-decker bus. It runs very frequently and cost 1 Yuan.

After around a half-dozen stops, the bus will take a right and stop. You will see the clock of the train station on your left. This is your stop.

Head toward the train station. After you pass under the wall, take a right to where some buses are parked. At the front of them will be a line of British green buses, number 306. Someone there will direct you to the next one to leave. Board the bus, they will sell you the ticket en route. It costs 7 Yuan.

The bus will make a number of stops, but the Terra Cotta Warriors are the last one, so relax and enjoy the scenery. When you get there, the bus will park. Just follow the crowds-itís a fair walk.
Mar 27-29      Chengde
Mar 29-Apr 1      Beijing
Apr 1      Los Angeles
Apr 2-6      Ellenton, FL
Apr 10-23      New York City
Apr 23-May 28      Los Angeles
May 29-Jun 9      San Francisco
Jun 10-19      Los Angeles
Jun 20-Jul 2      San Francisco
Jul 3-14      Los Angeles
Jul 15      San Francisco
Jul 16-Aug 8      Los Angeles
Aug 9-18      Oakland, CA
Aug 19-Sep 8      Burning Man
Sep 9-10      Oakland, CA
Sep 11-22      New York City
Sep 23-27      Los Angeles
Sep 28-Oct 22      Oakland, CA
Oct 23-25      Los Angeles
Oct 26-29      New York City
Oct 30-Nov 1      Los Angeles
Nov 2-5      Oakland, CA
Nov 6-8      Road Trip: Oakland –> Seattle
Nov 9-11      Seattle
Nov 12      Vancouver, BC
Nov 13-14      Seattle
Nov 15-16      Oakland, CA
Nov 17-26      Chapel Hill, NC
Nov 27-29      Road Trip: NC mountains
Nov 30-Dec 4      Chapel Hill, NC
Dec 5-7      Oakland, CA
Dec 8-12      Los Angeles
Dec 13-18      Oakland, CA
Dec 19-20      Morro Bay, CA
Dec 21-Feb 29      Oakland, CA
Feb 29-Mar 7      Los Angeles
Mar 8-13      Baja
Mar 13-17      Los Angeles
Mar 17-Apr 8      Sausalito, CA
Apr 8-9      Oakland, CA
Apr 9-11      Las Vegas
Apr 11-13      Chicago
Apr 13-21      Oakland, CA
Apr 21-29      Coachella, CA
Apr 29-May 1      Los Angeles
May 2-3      Stage Coach
May 3-6      Los Angeles
May 6-16      Oakland, CA
May 16-19      Paso Robles, CA
May 19-27      Los Angeles
May 28-Aug 2      Oakland, CA
Aug 3-9      Los Angeles
Aug 10-20      Oakland, CA
Aug 21-23      Roadtrip to Seattle
Aug 23-28      Seattle
Aug 29      Oakland, CA
Aug 30-Sep 2      Black Rock City
Sep 3-5      Oakland, CA
Sep 6-16      Los Angeles
Sep 17      Bakersfield, CA
Sep 18-19      Oakland, CA
Sep 20-Oct 8      Chapel Hill, NC
Oct 9-11      Washington, DC
Oct 11-14      New York City
Oct 14      Troy, NY
Oct 15-16      Owego, NY
Oct 17-19      Ithaca, NY
Oct 20-Nov 12      Oakland, CA
Nov 13-14      Paso Robles, CA
Nov 15-Dec 23      Oakland, CA
Dec 24-25      Paso Robles, CA
Dec 26-27      Santa Cruz
Dec 28      Oakland, CA
Dec 29-Jan 4      New York City
Jan 5-11      Washington, DC
Jan 12-20      Ellington, FL
Jan 21-28      Chapel Hill, NC
Jan 29-Feb 3      New York City
Feb 4-19      Chapel Hill, NC
Feb 20-Mar 26      Oakland, CA
Mar 27-29      Occidental, CA
Setting up Chandalier
Mar 30-Apr 17      Oakland, CA
Apr 18-24      Los Angeles
Kristin's Birthday / Heather in town / looking at Planes with Mike and Nicole
Apr 25-May 22      Oakland, CA
May 22-25      Los Angeles
Visited Kristin
May 25-26      Oakland, CA
May 27-Jun 3      New York City
Jun 3-8      Concord, NH
Jun 9-18      Oakland, CA
Jun 19-21      Occidental, CA
Jun 22-Jul 11      Oakland, CA
Jul 12-20      Austin, TX
Jul 21      Oakland, CA
Jul 22-27      Squaw Valley, CA
Jul 27-28      Oakland, CA
Jul 28-Aug 6      Austin, TX
Aug 6-10      Oakland, CA
Aug 10-15      San Diego, CA
Aug 16-25      Oakland, CA
Aug 26-Sep 1      Black Rock City
Sep 2-4      Oakland, CA
Sep 5-6      Black Rock City
Sep 7-Oct 1      Oakland, CA
Oct 2-10      Sydney, Australia
Oct 10-17      Cairns, Australia
Oct 17-18      Alice Springs, Australia
Oct 18-21      Uluru, Australia
Oct 21-22      Alice Springs, Australia
Oct 22-29      Melbourne, Australia
Oct 29-Nov 2      Adelaide, Australia
Nov 2-5      Christchurch, New Zealand
Nov 5-7      Fox Glacier, New Zealand
Nov 7-10      Queenstown, New Zealand
Nov 10-11      Twizel, New Zealand
Nov 11-12      Blenheim, New Zealand
Nov 12-14      Wellington, New Zealand
Nov 14-17      Rotorua, New Zealand
Nov 17-18      Auckland, New Zealand
Nov 18-Dec 15      Oakland, CA
Dec 16-Jan 1      Chapel Hill, NC
Jan 2-7      New York City
Jan 8-Mar 26      Oakland, CA
Mar 26-30      San Diego, CA
JoAnna Granovetter's Wedding on the 27th
Mar 31-Apr 13      Chapel Hill, NC
Apr 14-17      Oakland, CA
Apr 18      Grant’s Pass, OR
Apr 19      Portland, OR
Apr 20-29      Seattle
Apr 30-May 4      Austin, TX
May 5-9      Seattle
May 9-Sep 2      Oakland, CA
Sep 2-22      San Jose, CA
Jeff landed a pretty big commission for 01SJ in san jose next year with my friend todd chandler. Forklift driver
Sep 23-27      Oakland, CA
Sep 28-Oct 16      Chiang Mai, Thailand
Stayed at the hotel Mountain View, which was a little out of the way, but I adored. Big rooms, cheap prices. Walls a bit thin, but the clientelle tended to be older so not so noisy. 450b/night
Hotel Mountain View: http://www.mountainview-guesthouse.com

Favorite bar: So Cool. After that, Half Moon Pub
Restaurants: I adored Funky Monkey, breakfast at Da Home Bakery down the street. Mike's burgers are worth it. And the restaurant at this link:
Coffee: All were good. @ju was nice (Oil runs the place)
Grace Dental Clinic:
Dentist: http://www.gracedentalclinic.com/
Tony's Big Bikes

Oct 16-18      Chiang Rai, Thailand
Going to do extensive page on this, but:
Stayed at the Orchid (200bht/night)
1012/3 Jedyod Road
Due west of old bus station. 350b/night

Lek House - 95 Baanpa Pragarn, Vieng Muang
That bun place across other side of the clock

Coffee: Coffee club near clock

Black Temple
White temple

Oct 18-20      Chiang Mai, Thailand
Oct 21      Pai, Thailand
Stayed at sketchy Unicorn bungalos, on 1st right in town. 380bht (did better on the second trip)

Unicorn was good bar. Falafel place on that street is terrible. Mama's fallaphel not bad.

Just east of Pai is this hotel/restaurant with great view and good food. Coffee okay, not milk. Nice treat for the hotel, maybe $40. this might be place:
* Bann Nong Tao [6], Phone: +66081-328-3431, Email :ningsk74@hotmail.com, 136 Moo 6 Bann Huaypoo, Tambol Veangtai, Amphur Pai, Mae Hong Song 58130 Thailand. Cozy and comfortable houses with a eye-catching mountain view and warm atmosphere. Rooms are from 1,200 Bath(Oct-Jan) with breakfast / 500 bath (feb-sep) without breakfast. Tent rental and Bamboo Rafting along Pai River is also avaible.

Oct 22-24      Mae Hong Son, Thailand
Stayed at some shitty place first, don''t remember the name. Then moved to Palm hotel just south of Wat. Totally clean and nice. 400bht

Best food was at the riverside cafe by the lake.

Good walk up to the high temple, either go to the right up the zig-zag steps or go up the old decaying straight dragon-lined steps to the left and then cross-country over to meet the zig-zags
Oct 25      Pai, Thailand
Stayed at small but clean Lulaby Inn, across the street and up the hill from Unicorn.
Oct 26-27      Chiang Mai, Thailand
Oct 27-30      Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Stayed at the Indochine II hotel, which was a bit of a rip. Came with breakfast, which sucked, but most food there did. $20 for internet reservation, $18 when I got back. Taxi to and from airport at $10 is probably worth it.

El Mundo for coffee
FCC balcony for happy hour/sunset
Indian place: Anjali bar and grill, yellow awning- ate there almost every day.

Sightsee: Go see genecide museum, skip killing fields. National palace bit of a rip, but there's not much to do. After all, dump is listed in guide book.
Oct 30-Nov 4      Siem Reap, Cambodia
Travel: came in on the 'japanese' bus, which was passable.
Left via ferry to Battambang. Amazing.

Stayed at the Sam So Guest house. Good local place, big and clean a bit of a hike from the action which is both good and bad. Village life starts early there. They were able to arrange motorcyle and tuk-tuk, the first being on the pricy side, the second on the cheap. Not the best stuff, but reliable and easy. $12/night

Cambodian soup on pub street.
Curry walla 2 in night market
Canada bank- no fee
Ankor cafe @anklet wat is good.
Lunch on lake - can I ever find it again?

Street 60
Landmine museum

Ankor Wat
Ankor wat and Ankor Thom, of course. Sunset at Phnom Bakheng spoiled by the crowd, as with Sunrise at Ankor Wat (stay to the right for less crowds?)
Banteay Srey (lady temple) worth the ride and see the landmine museum on the way back.
Diamond system in the travel guide is pretty reliable.
Ta Phrom - crazy trees growing everywhere
Ta Som - go all the way back and see the tree-covered gate.
Pre Rup - you can see Ankor wat 8km in distance.

Nov 5      Battambang, Cambodia
Came by the ferry, which was amazing, but withering.
Sleep: Chhaya Hotel, which had a minibus at the ferry. Clean, but crazy. Window on the hallway, some sort of chanting starting early in the morning, but a couple guys complained in the morning and were going to move, but dude showed them some other room and they seemed to think it was okay. $10 with A/C, as low as $3 without.
Ate: Riverfront cafe or something like that. On the tourist map. Amazing view, food didn't suck ass, and the beer was reasonably cold.

Only one bus back to Phenom Penn, book two seats and ask for the front (only $3/seat and it's an eight hour trek.)
Nov 6      Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Nov 7-13      Bangkok
Took the airport express bus into town, which was actually really nice and super easy. Ko San Road is a dump, and I avoided it like the plague.

Shambara Boutique Hotel - It's far enough off Ko San that you're not being kept awake, has decent food and lukewarm beer. Thin walls, small rooms, but cheap. 350/b air, 200/b fan.
Lamphu house - this place was a little more my speed, quiet, cementy, strong A.C. and in a better neighborhood, closer to the river. 600b/night.

Rota-Mataba at bend in Thanin Phra Athit across from park by river
Street restaurant on Thanin Phra Athit, tables on sidewalk at night.
Green 26:
Garden breakfast place with the cats, on Rambuttri Road, past Chanasongkhram Phra-Artid Road
Happy House? Or maybe just the place near happy house with outdoor, covered seating, on Trok Rong Mai

Ricky's Coffee Shop, 22 Phra Athit Rd
Coffee World on Ko San - good internet, tiny, well-chilled.

Robin hood bar.
Quiet, cheap bar on Rambuttri Road, past Chanasongkhram Phra-Artid Road

Reclining Budda at Wat Pho
Grand Palace and attached Wat
Wat Arun - across the river
Malls at Siam Square (there are many...)
Walk Sukhumvit Rd.
Cowboy Soi
Wat Saket and the Golden Mount
Suan Luang Rama IX Park is nice for walking.
Giant swing - closed, but walk on the way passes the wholesale retailers for all the crap, some of it amazingly big, but also I'm guessing a money-saver for trinkets. Prices are actually marked, which is amazing.

Nov 13-22      Phuket, Thailand
Note: Taking the minibus instead of the taxi is way cheaper, but also much longer, being the Karen beach was the last place on the list.

First place I stayed was the Diver's inn, which was hard to find, clean, but nothing worked. 800/b night.
Pineapple. Adore this place. Just as far from the beach on foot as Divers, (though physically further) Good cheap food, Clean, big room. Super helpful and friendly. Ate breakfast across the street everyday.

Most of the food in Phuket is bad and expensive, unlike the rest of Thailand. I was getting burned over and over trying random new spots, so I just gave up and ate at my hotel a lot, which was pretty decent. Also, I won't eat Thai the night before I dive...
Vitaporn, not cheap by the standards I was used to, but the yellow curry was amazing!

The Little Mermaid? On the main drag. Doesn't seem cheap until you look at the other places; basically, happy hour prices all night and draft beer, which is good. Atmosphere sucks, though

Not much. Adaman between Karon and Kata, as well as near downtown

Harbor, Budda Statue, Other place on high above harbor. Rented a scooter and went around the south of the island, which was nice, but it gets major shitty near Phuket City. The next morning I went North, which was ho-hum.
Dove with Sunrise Divers. Trained with BJ O'Doherty, but also dove with Neil Stretch, who seemed really great, too.

Nov 23-30      Hong Kong
Stayed at the Alison Guest House again, good times.
Must do:
Climb up to West Peak from Victoria Peak.
Western promonade in Kowloon
Hike the Dragon's back
Directions to walk Victoria's Peak:
Take the escalator from central all the way to the top (you'll know when it ends)
Head left, take the curving upwards street to the right.
Stay right.
You'll the Old Tram Peak Road. Take it up to the Finalays path and cut right, or, until it ends, then cut right along a regular road which is a little more isolated.


Dumpling Pro on Jaffe rd (google it)

Cafe Habitu (several locations)

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Jan 25-Feb 1      Seattle
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Jun 19-22      Chapel Hill, NC
Jun 23-28      Bike Trip: Pittsburg->Washington D.C.
Jun 29-Jul 28      Chapel Hill, NC
Jul 29-Dec 25      Oakland, CA
Dec 26-Jan 4      Tampa, FL
Jan 5-11      Chapel Hill, NC
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Jan 30-Feb 2      Oahu, HI
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with mom
Feb 9-12      Oahu, HI
with mom. Stayed at Queen Kapiolani
Feb 13-17      Los Angeles
Feb 18-24      Oakland
Feb 25-26      New York City
Feb 27-Mar 19      Stanardsville, VA
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Feb 21-23      Stratham, NH
Feb 23-Mar 16      New York City
Mar 16-20      Ellenton, FL
Mar 21-22      Oakland
Mar 23-27      Bangkok
Stayed at Lamphu House again. Really liked that late night open air joint around the corner, but only really late at night.
Mar 27-Apr 7      Chiang Mai
Stayed at Mountain view again, had a nice out of the way room, #34, though it was street-noisy. Added a new favorite restaurant: coconut.

Also that restaurant I love is on Singharat Rd, just opposite soi 1.
Apr 8-9      Bangkok
Apr 10-14      Koh Samui
Stayed at the Castaway Inn, which was a bargain for that fishing village I was in, but no bargain in Thailand. I liked the fish and chips and beer at the Gecko bar, and there was this place to the left as you left by the main exit that said "Best coffee in town" that did crazy-cool food, though not very filling. The coffee was the best. A little further on toward the main road, opposite the 7eleven, is a pretty traditional Thai restaurant that wasn't super expensive and didn't suck.
Apr 14-18      Koh Tao
First place I stayed was the Pranee Guesthouse, which, booked online, was about the cheapest I could get. My only non-AC room and probably would have been okay except for that crazy English girl in the dormitory nearby that caused some sort of massive drama _every_ night.

Spend the last night at a place call A.I.P. hotel, local place, cash only, no english. Just up that section's main-ish road. AC was less than Pranee's non-AC, and the place was cleaner and newer, though not as spacious or well-furnished.

At frequently at the PA Loy J restaurant. Very, very good.

Dove with Big Blue! Excellent. Lyndon Smith, Nick, Fiona, and Erin.
Apr 19-22      Georgetown, Malaysia
On the island of Penang. Stayed at Hutton Lodge, which wasn't super convenient, but was old school and nice enough, and cheap enough.

Best restaurant was an Indian one on the main drag called Captain. There were a couple good coffee shops down the road just port-side of Love Lane. Trip up the mountainside is worth it, even though I didn't have a very clear view, and the Chinese temple was great, plus amazing cemetary
Apr 22-24      Kuala Lumpur
Stayed at Oscar Guesthouse, which was cheap and convenient, but man, you could hear every breath everyone in that place took, and the manager guy was a little odd. Ate the street food a few times, on the big long road of restaurants. It was pretty decent, but hard to handle the noise and hustle.

Apr 24-26      Singapore
Stayed at the Agoda, which was my first dorm room, but a super-cool one with curtained off living pods with built in storage and lockers and free coffee and breakfast. It was still pricy compared to a room in Thailand, and apparently I got the room super-cheap for them.

It was very convenient to the Maxwell Road Hawker food center, which was pretty great... Especially the dumplings and the fried bananas, and I was able to eat as cheaply in Singapore as I had in Thailand. Also happily discovered that place by the road that led me down in to the near-endless underground, AC'ed walkways as I was heading around to the Space banana. Also went to Altitude1, just to match Chuck and, despite the high price and the crap neon decor, the place was worth it. Holy cow, did I get vertigo, again and again, especially at that one corner where I was really out on the corner, and right near that other tall building.

Spent a long time in the airport, which was pretty cool, as promised, with things like movie theaters and a butterfly garden and free food massagers. Still just an airport, though.
Apr 26-30      Chiang Mai
Can't get enough of this place.
May 1-2      Bangkok
Went way out of my way to go to the Moon Bar, because Bill had (though he didn't seem impressed). It was cooler than Altitude1, like a place I might just like to hang out at. No vertigo, really.
May 2-3      Seoul
The airport, actually, which was pretty great, with a nice sleeping area and good eats. First time I've ever slept in an airport (and damn did I need it; double red-eye). Best coffee, by far, was Coffee@works
May 4-Jun 10      Oakland
Jun 10-13      New York City
Jun 14-17      Dublin, Ireland
Jun 18-21      Galway, Ireland
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Nov 19-Dec 21      NYC
Dec 22-28      Hudson, FL
Dec 28-Feb 15      NYC
Feb 15-17      Stratham, NH
Feb 17-18      Boston
Feb 19-Mar 31      Oakland, CA
Final clean out of Warehouse :(
Apr 1-7      Ellenton, FL
Dad's Fishing Trip
Apr 8      Tarrytown, NY
Apr 9-24      NYC
Staying at Jason's place in Manhattan
Apr 24-27      Havana, Cuba
Apr 27-30      Vinales, Cuba
Apr 30-May 1      Ancon, Cuba
May 1-4      Havana, Cuba
May 4-12      NYC
Staying with Danielle
May 13-Jun 8      San Francisco
Staying at Michelle's, but without Foxy
Jun 8-28      Los Angeles
Redecorating Jenna's kitchen
Jun 28-Jul 3      Owego, NY
Jul 3-5      NYC
Jul 6-Aug 14      Granada, Spain
Aug 15-17      Seville, Spain
With Liza
Aug 17-18      Sotogrande, Spain
Liza's parents
Aug 19-28      Granada, Spain
Includes road trip back to Granada, though ronda, et al.
Aug 28-Sep 2      Toledo, Spain
Sep 2-4      Madrid
Sep 4-7      Cordoba, Spain
Sep 7-9      Madrid
Sep 9-18      Barcelona